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Honey Akita



Meet Honey, a beautiful 9-year-old Akita who is eagerly searching for her retirement home. This laid-back and gentle girl is ready to bring love and companionship to a family who can give her the peaceful and comfortable life she deserves. Honey is a sweetheart with a heart full of love. Despite her difficult past as an underweight stray, she has made remarkable progress in our care and is now ready to find her forever home. She is friendly, and affectionate. Honey's calm and easy-going nature makes her the perfect companion. Honey has the typical independent nature of an Akita, which is a characteristic of the breed. A breed-experienced home would be advantageous for Honey, as her new family should understand and appreciate her independent nature. With the right guidance and understanding, Honey will thrive and become an even more wonderful companion. One of Honey's standout qualities is her dog-friendly nature. She gets along well with other dogs and would be a great addition to a home with existing furry companions. A meet and greet can be arranged to ensure compatibility with any resident dogs. Honey's age brings with it a sense of wisdom and maturity. She is well-behaved and has excellent manners. She enjoys leisurely walks and spending quality time with her human companions. Although Honey is already in improved condition, she will benefit from continued care and attention to help her reach her perfect condition. A dedicated owner who can provide her with a balanced diet, regular exercise, and lots of love will ensure that Honey continues to thrive and live her best life.

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