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Rogue Lurcher



Rogue, is a three-year-old Lurcher who was brought in by the local authority dog warden and sadly never claimed by an owner. Rogue is an incredibly sweet lad with a heart full of love to give. He embodies all the wonderful traits of a Lurcher - kind, gentle, and affectionate. He's been through a lot and was not in great condition on arrival but his spirit remains unbroken, and he's looking better every day. While he gets along well with other dogs, his instincts around cats may not be the best match. We want to ensure that he finds a safe and comfortable environment where he can truly be himself. Despite his rough start, Rogue has shown incredible resilience and a willingness to trust again. He's ready to embark on a new chapter of his life, filled with love, care, and endless belly rubs! Let's come together and help Rogue find the loving home he so desperately deserves]]}

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