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Eenie, Meany. Miney! Fancy Mice

Eenie, Meany. Miney!

Fancy Mice

This lovely trio of fancy mice are looking for a home together. All males and now neutered are living very happily in a bachelor group. They are six month old, are able to be picked up but do need more handling to make them tame. Very sweet lads. These lads will need a cage with minimum size of 84cm (l) x 40cm (w) 35cm (h), with plenty of toys, hiding places and things to keep them entertained. We are happy to send recommendations of cages if not already purchased. Please Note: we will not rehome to a cage smaller than this. As of 6pm 23rd October, Wales will enter a ‘Fire- break’ Lockdown this is planned to last two weeks ending on the 9th November. We will still accept applications to adopt throughout this time, but we will not be processing any, arranging home visits or visits to view animals/carry out adoptions. We may call to discuss your application, but they will not be processed until after 9th Nov 2020.

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