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Ginger Irish Draught


Irish Draught

Ginger is a 22 year old Irish Draught mare. She has spent her life being a broodmare and is now looking for a forever home as a companion. She would fit into this role beautifully as she has a lovely temperament, is very gentle and easy going. She is great to catch, handle and lead, happy to stand tied up and loves a fuss and groom. She is happy to live out rugged but equally happy to be stabled also. Ginger is a genuine, kind mare and deserves a wonderful retirement. She mixes well in a herd and is very kind, forgiving to other horses. COVID-19 information, please read carefully. With travel restrictions limited to Wales, are currently only rehoming within Wales, sorry for any inconvenience caused but we cannot process any applications outside of Wales at the moment. .

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