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Dizzy English Bull Terrier Cross


English Bull Terrier Cross

Dizzy is a six year old English Bull Terrier mix, she is a complete delight but sadly has a grim past, she came into the care of West Wales Poundies as a stray. She has the sweetest, friendliest nature you have ever met. She walks nicely on a lead and was excellently behaved at the vets. She is also very respectful when she meets other dogs. Sadly when Dizzy arrived she had a very obvious behaviuour issue, she would spin round and round with the slightest stimulation, so a walk, attention, or even seeing a human or another dog would cause her to spin. We have spent months working with this, on lots of levels, making sure she has correct food, excercise and mental stimulation and its now pretty much stopped unless she is in a situation that causes her to be over stimulated. Our vets have met her and said that its sadly a psycological disability but as she has a lovely nature not to worry to much, she really needs a dog savvy, patient and huge animal loving home to give her a chance. The step from us into her new home may take some planning but we will support any adopter with this. PLEASE apply for Dizzy this special girl needs some love! Dizzy is available for adoption from Greenacres, is actually in the care of West Wales Poundies, so any adoption agreement will be between the adopter and them. Applications are still accepted via this website and we will carry out the adoption on their behalf. If you want to know more about WWP or their terms and conditions of adoption please visit their website –

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