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Tyson Boxer Cross


Boxer Cross

Tyson is a two year old Boxer cross. Our social media supporters will possibly recognise Tyson and his story, but for those that have not seen him before, we will give a brief background story. Tyson was taken to a vet when his owners felt they could no longer care for him, they promptly contacted us and we of course agreed to help. Sadly it was quiet obvious that Tyson was unwell, on investigation is was discovered that Tyson had very heart issues, mostly ones that he had been born with but unfortunately due to this not being treated earlier, they were now causing problems. Tyson saw a heart specialist, who was not hopeful although said surgery was an option to help some of his problems, it was unlikely he would survive the surgery but without surgery he probably would have less than six months to live. We felt we had to try and Tyson underwent heart surgery near Bristol and to cut a long story short, he made it! He came through the surgery, recovered well and on his recent three monthly check, has proved everyone wrong and is doing really well. His life expectancy although not guaranteed is now looking much better, he will need to stay on lifelong medication and have regular check ups, but we are confident that Tyson can have a good quality life of fulfilment and happiness. Due to the circumstances surrounding Tyson's future care, we are looking for a permanent foster home for him. This must be within Pembrokeshire, be able and willing to attend check up appointments in Haverfordwest and in return we will stay financially responsible for his veterinary care. If you are interested in knowing more about Tyson and what we are looking for please complete the form and one of our homing team will be in touch.

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