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We are aware of a scam email circulating claiming to be from us. If you receive one of these emails, please do not open it, and delete it immediately. Find out more »
First, let us know how to contact you
Next please provide a little bit about the adoptive home environment
This will need to be seen in writing at the time of your home visit.
Approx size, fence/boundary type, and height.

If you have other commitments that may hold up this process please apply once you are in a position to adopt.

Please use this to pass on any information about previous animals owned, experience you may have that you feel is relevant to your application.
Before you submit

Please click here to read our Terms and Conditions

We will often respond to your application by email, so please check your inbox regularly and make sure that is not mistaken as spam!

Greenacres Animal Rescue

Greenacres Rescue,
Ebbs Acres Farm,

SA62 3XA


Visiting by appointment only, please!

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